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Company Directory

Not sure who to contact? You can call us at any of our 4 locations and we will put you in contact with one of our insurance specialist tailored to your inquiry. If you are looking for someone more specific, look at the list of contacts below.


Person Position Email
John Bogar CEO
Jennifer F. Bjorn CFO
Flint Christie President
Rockwell T. Bjorn Sr. Vice President
Dick Scott Vice President/Producer
Wendy Pomeroy Vice President/Producer
Terry Gunzinger Life & Health Producer
Lory Zamboni Vice President/Personal Lines
Suzie Laney Personal Lines
Megan Williams Personal Lines
Noelle Farrington Personal Lines
Kim Paling Personal Lines
Sharon Parsons Personal Lines
Tiera Leclair Personal Lines
Lexie Gilbert Personal Lines
Chelsie Harris Personal Lines
Gina DiDonna Receptionist
Denise Bell Commercial Lines
Belinda Maillet-Barden Commercial Lines
Doreen Cardona Commercial Lines
Kristina Willett Commercial Lines
Shelly Baker Commercial Lines
Jennifer Smith Commercial Lines
Sherry Jenckes Accounting
Abigail Dustin Accounting


Person Position Email
John Bogar CEO
Flint Christie President
Dick Scott Vice President/Producer
Chris Perkins Life & Health Producer
Terry Gunzinger Life & Health Producer
Greg Dore Life & Health Producer
Allison Kimball-Mantor Personal Lines
Lesley Adams Personal Lines
Estelle Lesperance Personal Lines
Laurie Walker Personal Lines
Janice Violette Personal Lines
Debbie Bordeau Personal Lines
Amber Dangler Personal Lines
Jamie Leeman Commercial Lines
Mary Wadleigh Commercial Lines
Susan Boulanger Commercial Lines
Linda Bubier Commercial Lines
Bonnie Drummond Commercial Lines
Linda Hodgdon Commercial Lines
Pam Lemieux Commercial Lines
Andrea Carrier Commercial Lines
Diane Orcutt Life & Health


Person Position Email
Tracy Blaisdell Personal Lines

Livermore Falls

Person Position Email
Heidi Smith Personal Lines