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Home Owner's Insurance

*Replacement cost on home and contents- If you want to be reimbursed for
the current prices of your belongings you need to have replacement cost
on those belongings. The company will pay you todays prices for all the
belongings you replace after a loss, any items not replaced will be paid
at the depreciated value.
*Liability- this protects you against lawsuit brought against you in the
event you have harmed or are accused of harming someone or their
property. Liability is very inexpensive and you can purchase up to
$500,000 for under $20.00
*Identity Theft- Covers cost for notarizing affidavits or similar
documents attesting to fraud and costs for certified mail. Also lost
income resulting from time taken off work.
*Personal Umbrella Coverage- This should be purchased to protect
against catastrophic liability claims.
*Floaters- a term used when describing items being added to the policy
on a scheduled basis such as jewelry, fine arts, antiques, guns and
other collectables. Items can be scheduled which gives broader coverage
with few exceptions.